blue – ISO 17020 (type A) accredited inspection body for API GMP audits

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blue inspection body GmbH is the first pharmaceutical service provider in the European Union to offer accredited GxP audits. As an example, we employ GMP auditors for starting materials and active ingredients for medicinal products as well as GMP auditors for the manufacture of medicinal products. We monitor a myriad of processes.They cannot be executed with a simple checklist, but rather they require experience and sound professional knowledge.  Freelance auditors based in the USA, the UK or Hungary are especially welcome!

We offer diversified work, a strong support from our professional team and the opportunity to continuously up-date your knowledge in cGMPs.

Please send your application to:


blue inspection body GmbH
Hafenweg 18-20
48155 Muenster, Germany
Phone: +49 251 9759950-100

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