Procedure for a ISO 9001 certification by Blue Inspection Body

Preparatory phase

With the aid of a questionnaire the certification body checks the suitability requirements for the certification according to ISO 9001. The applicant should check thoroughly beforehand that all requirements are fulfilled (e.g. by internal audits) as deficiencies could lead to the certification procedure being discontinued.

Check of documentation

By checking the QM documentation and the internal audit reports it can be established whether the audit requirements have been implemented in the documentation.


The audit consists of two steps to be carried out on site.

Step 1: Evaluation of the firm’s documents for readiness for certification: Check of basic requirements (including management review, internal audit).

Step 2: Carrying out a complete certification audit: If the requirements are all fulfilled during Step 1 then during the audit of Step 2 the provisions of the quality management documentation can be implemented in the firm. The auditor collects objective evidence of this during his visit to the firm. Surveys are conducted and documents and statistics are scrutinized (in accordance with the previously created audit plan). If there are any deviations a schedule is drawn up to carry out the corrective measures.

Obtaining the certification

As soon as all deviations have been eliminated within the given time frame the report and certificate are issued.

Surveillance and recertification

For the firm to be able to retain its certification a surveillance audit is carried out once a year and after three years a recertification.