Competent and Independent

Authorities make third party audits subject to a number of conditions: the drug manufacturer must for example ensure that auditors have the requisite professional expertise and independence. We provide the necessary documents here.

Auditor Qualification

Blue Inspection Body is monitored centrally by the Deutsche Akkreditierungssstelle DAkkS. The quality of the content and the depth of the inspections are also checked by the DAkkS. Accreditation as an inspection body is thus an important quality criterion for those commissioning third party audits. It ensures that a GMP inspection is impartial and is performed to a high standard of quality, reliability and efficiency.

Complaints and appeals handling

Blue inspection body has implemented documented procedures related to handling of complaints and appeals. Please contact us from more details (

Policy on impartiality

Blue Inspection Body GmbH performs audits and certification processes on behalf of its clients and bases all its business activities on the following business model and quality policy:

The management of Blue Inspection Body GmbH considers itself responsible for quality and customer satisfaction with regard to all customers to which it offers its services. Impartiality is the top priority in the performance of audits and certification processes. Conflicts of interest are identified and assessed to ensure that the activities remain objective. Blue Inspection Body GmbH does not offer any consulting services, guaranteeing strict neutrality and independence. Blue Inspection Body GmbH’s decisions are based on objective evidence; they are not influenced by any commercial, financial or other interests. Blue Inspection Body GmbH also considers the expectations of employees in its activities.